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Runn Of Kutch

One of the popular events that is organized in Gujarat and is a major crowd puller from across the country and the world is the Rann Utsav. This is regarded as a celebration of life, culture, and the festivities of Kutch. The entire event is spread across 4 months which sees a riot of colors spread over the barren lands. The entire event offers an experience of diverse traditions as well as the taste of generous hospitality of the people from Kutch. The beautiful White Desert welcomes one and all and the sight of a full moon night during the entire period can be breathtaking.

The 4 months sees endless cycle of dances backed by century-old traditions that have been there for centuries. The colorful fair spread across the beach area or the lake swings which are placed on the lake banks add to the marvelous experience for flamboyancy. It embarks an ideal occasion for being part of the region’s culture and experiences its uniqueness which is second to none in terms of celebration of life.

The entire Rann Utsav also offers host of other activities to indulge in which expands across Camel Rides, Bird Watching, Pool Table, Paramotoring, , Giant Chess, Archery, etc. The entire event will definitely be worth an experience of a lifetime.

What can you do at the Rannutsav?Attraction of Tent City

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A walk by the sea as serene as a private beach. A family dinner against the backdrop of the sun cooling its heels in the sea. Moments of musing over the glorious past of palaces that whisper untold stories. A kabaddi by the shore. A music session within the palatial confines. A quiet moment atop a hill that overlooks the nation’s international border.

Dancing like no one’s watching in the middle of a White Desert with the local musicians as your ‘live DJs’ to ensure those feet keep tapping. Discover the simple joys of life here amid the rural charms of Kutch villages, replete with mud houses, mud paintings and unique pottery.

Rann Utsav is about exploring not just places, but yourself.