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About Rannutsav

One of the popular events that is organized in Gujarat and is a major crowd puller from across the country and the world is the Rann Utsav. This is regarded as a celebration of life, culture and the festivities of Kutch. The entire event is spread across 4 months which sees a riot of colors spread over the barren lands. The entire event offers an experience of diverse traditions as well as the taste of generous hospitality of the people from Kutch. The beautiful White Desert welcomes one and all and the sight of a full moon night during the entire period can be breathtaking.
The 4 months sees endless cycle of dances backed by century old traditions that have been there for centuries. The colorful fair spread across the beach area or the lake swings which are placed on the lake banks add to the marvelous experience for flamboyancy. It embarks an ideal occasion for being part of the regions culture and experience its uniqueness which is second to none in terms of celebration of life.
The entire Rann Utsav also offers host of other activities to indulge in which expands across Camel Rides, Bird Watching, Pool Table, Para motoring, , Giant Chess, Archery, etc. The entire event will definitely be worth an experience of a life time.

Facts & History

The region of Kutch has a unique manifestation of variety of cultural ethos and is known across the planet for the ethnic celebrations and flavors. The entire festival is an opportunity for the artisans and craftsmen to showcase their products and folk music. There is also an opportunity for visitors to indulge with the local culture and communities besides being amidst the diverse ecology.
The entire district is spread over 7500 sq kilometers and is the biggest salt desert on the planet. The region is known for the exquisite variety of patchwork, block print, bandhani, rogan art, embroidery, pottery, woodwork, metal crafts, shell work, block printing, etc. The entire creativity seems to have emerged through the enchanting terrain offering a perfect backdrop for an extra ordinary fair spread over 4 months.

Getting to the Rann Utsav:

Rann utsav is held at the helm of white desert in Dhordo village that lies 80 km towards North of Bhuj city in Kutch. Well paved road make the journey convenient while you gaze upon passing tribes with their colourful attire defining their community and clusters of traditional mud huts called “Bhunga” in every village.
You can hop on to the coaches arranged from Bhuj Railway station and airport to reach the Rann utsav or drive directly to the destination. Directions placed for the event make it an easy ride to reach on your own along with the enthusiasm of the local tribes that guide you towards it.

What to Expect:

If you imagine Rann utsav to be just a huge white plain of salt decked with several vibrant colours and people in traditional costumes, you are in for a surprise. The clusters of Tents with special activity zones and luxurious comfort blend perfectly with the local tribes participating in display of their rich culture and handicraft. The local music gives a feel of being a part of the festival and not just a tourist. Special performances every evening make your evening memorable. Special arrangements made for shopping and viewing the local artefacts are worth a visit. Certain adventurous activities add to the excitement if you want to charge up your holidays. Several recreational activities arranged can engage tourist from all walks of life. The event is sure to bring Endless possibilities of enjoyment during your stay.

Where to Stay:

Specially designed Swiss tents with wooden carpet, Air conditioning, Heaters, luxurious beds and furnishing, spacious attached bathroom with best in class accessories have been arranged for your utmost comfort. Every tent is equipped with a porch with a relaxing chair from where you can admire the serene evening of the white desert. The cluster pattern of such tents makes a comfortable retreat where you can mingle with fellow tourist and share your stories about your excursion to the white desert while enjoying the cultural activities in the vicinity.

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